With over 10 years of Haskap berry experience, Canadian Haskap is your go-to company for everything Haskap. From farm to fork, we look forward to helping you.

Consultant Services

Consulting Services

Offering support for Canada GAP certification
Canadian Food Inspection Association (CFIA) regulations
Haskap Cultivar Information
Pollination Strategy
Soil Tests

Orchard Setup

Orchard Setup

Supply of Haskap Plants
Hard Goods for Planting Success
Custom-Blended Organic Fertilizers
Traditional Fertilizers and Soil Amendments

product development

Product Development

Canadian Haskap works closely with third-party value-added producers to develop consumer-ready, ready-to-eat Haskap Products. We also develop Haskap flavourings for larger commercial products


Berry Sales

Local, national, and international sales of fresh and frozen graded Haskap berry